Prompt Day #9

End of the World: The world is ending. Is it due to an imminent nuclear strike, an incoming comet, a plague, or a zombie apocalypse? What do the characters do in the moments leading up to the end? If there are survivors, what are their next steps?


Prompt Day #5

Killer Pet: Character A gets a new pet, which turns out to be a vicious beast. Does Character A know, or does the animal act innocent when they’re around. Does the pet secretly want to eat Character A, or is it fiercely protective of its new owner? Do the other characters figure it out, or is it only one character who knows? Does the killer pet become the ultimate protector, or the bane of everyone’s existence?

Prompt Day #4

The Dragon and the Knight: Take your OTP. Now, make Character A a fire-breathing dragon, and Character B a knight in shining armor. Is Character B tasked with slaying Character A, or delivering them tribute from a fearful village? How do they fall in love? Can Character B shapeshift into a human-esque form, or is the romance more of an emotional one than a physical one? This can also work in a platonic sense, of course. I’m just a sucker for cross-species romances.